What are people saying about BETSY 

Betsy helped me discover what I really want to do based on what I want in my life, and now I am more driven and focused than ever. Before it was all an overwhelming blur and I was filled with fear, now I am actively pursuing my career with a newfound enthusiasm and confidence. Thank you Betsy for coaching me to success!
Michael W.
Working with Betsy has been invaluable. She has given me a framework, the tools and the necessary language to help me better understand myself and
how to achieve my goals.
Thank you Betsy! 
Not only did Betsy help stop the spiraling and calm the freak out, but working with her helped me make myself a priority. I lost 20 pounds, landed a job where I feel valued and appreciated, and found a healthy footing in my personal relationship. Meeting Betsy was a life changing experience. And if I’m honest, a soul saving one.  
Megan M.
Betsy really helped me streamline and focus my goals and put them into action. As an independent consultant transitioning from one career to the next, Betsy helped me realize what was important to me, as I was stuck in a limbo of not wanting to let go of something I already worked so hard on. As we evolve in our lives and maybe even re-invent ourselves, there is no one better than Betsy to help you move forward and realize your potential and make things happen. If you are ever feeling stuck in your life regardless if it is work, family, or personally related, Betsy is definitely someone to turn to.
To those who finds themselves at a personal or professional crossroads, particularly anyone in media, let me strongly suggest working with Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas. I cannot recommend her coaching enough.
She helped me to take stock, identify direction, goals and most importantly make a PLAN. Betsy provided insightful encouragement and a real sense of guidance.
At first I wasn't sure of how a life coach can help. I've gone to therapy but wasn't satisfied, I figured I have to deal with my problems by myself. Now I'm so thankful for Betsy for coming to my life, and guiding me the way she has. Not only does she listen to me, but at the same time made me think of what the solution should be. Her advice has helped me so much.  I feel stronger and more sure about myself. She is amazing. I would recommend Betsy to anyone.