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The no nonsense, take charge guide for women who want more than "just enough".

"If you’re one to compromise when it comes to getting what you deserve, taking these 4 simple steps will get you closer to being a warrior of self-worth."

                                                  - Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas

From Betsy

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Some people are just natural born self-promoters. They rocket through life armed with the ability to believe in, and sell their own brand of b.s. while demanding nothing less than top dollar for their efforts.


And I say b.s. not in a bad way…truly. Because, really I have always envied those people.


Regardless of some major successes, an Ivy League Degree, 2 published books, a beautiful family and numerous credits in TV and film, I was somehow always settling for less in the workplace…sure I’ll work for nothing and smile; you’re low on funds...pay me when you can.

And yet I still wondered why my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I knew I had the skills to move myself forward, I could certainly help other people, but doing it for myself was a struggle.


I was abundantly aware that this wasn’t ideal, but comparing myself to others and bullying myself wasn’t getting me anywhere. I felt unable to find a way around this until I started my journey as a coach.



Coach training (good training that is) forces a coach to look within; explore those places where one needs his or her own growth. And boy did I make some major changes.

Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas, Life Coach

Over the past 2 years, focusing on my values, I have made a sea change in this arena and am helping others do the same. Check out my latest mini e-book, the Self-Worth Manifesto and let’s talk about how you, too, can make the changes like I have.