Coaching FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

What does a Life Coach Do?

A Life Coach partners with you in bringing out your greatness. A coach will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into the life that you have longed for. A coach will expand your way of thinking and will encourage you to move beyond your fears towards the goals and dreams you have for your life. Your coach will be your biggest cheerleader and will be the one who tells you the truth. Working with a coach is the best way to gain the joy and happiness you have always wanted.

How much does it cost?

Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself. I offer a sliding fee to meet your needs. I am passionate about supporting you in living your dreams. I believe so strongly in the power of coaching that I am willing to meet you where you are at. I do not believe that coaching is a service only for the wealthy, if you are ready to change your life, contact me and let’s work out a package that will be a fit for you!

Why would I work with a coach?

Because you have been trying to change on your own and it’s not working. Because you have dreams and goals that you have been longing to see come to fruition. Hiring a coach will provide you with the support and encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and grasp the life you deserve to be leading.

How long do people work with a coach?

Some clients have a short term goal and will work with me for just a short amount of time to achieve this specific goal. On average, clients work with coaches for 6-12 months. And ultimately it is always up to the individual as to how long they would like to work with me.

Is coaching over the phone effective?

I have found that coaching over the phone to be extremely effective. On the phone, you have the benefit of completing a session from anywhere, there is no travel necessary and often my clients find that they can focus better because when they are on the phone they are less distracted.

What if I would prefer to work with Betsy in person?

If you are in the Los Angeles area I will meet with you in person. I do ask that after an initial meeting that you be open to doing at least one session on the phone to see how it works, so many people have found that the benefits to meeting over the phone outweigh the in-person by miles.

Can I try coaching before I commit?

I offer anyone interested a free 20-30 minute initial consultation. On this call you can ask all the questions you may have about coaching. I invite you to bring an “issue” to be coached on so that you can witness my style of coaching first hand. This will support both of us in deciding if we are a good match for a coaching relationship.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is often dealing with a diagnosis and very often issues from ones past. Therapy is a very useful type of support, especially when one is dealing with healing ones past. Coaching is about the here and now of life, coaching will focus on where you want to go, and will provide you with the skills and tools necessarily to accomplish your goals and dreams.