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Overeating, Social Media Overload, and Beating Yourself Up



Built on her experience as a Fearless Living Coach, a MAPS Business Coach working exclusively with women in Hollywood and her 20+ years a producer in TV and Film, Betsy created a process called MY COVID-19 CONTROL PANEL. 


It's is a synthesis of all the best productivity and mindset tools put into one place created to help people move forward through the anxiety brought on by COVID-19.


It helps people create their own personalized roadmap to overcoming issues like:

  • Job loss

  • Reduced income

  • Caring for elderly parents

  • Balancing parenting while working from home and so much more


MY COVID CONTROL PANEL provides the framework people need to:

  • Stop over-indulging in food and alcohol

  • Curb those endless hours on social media

  • Halt the self-criticism that holds them back and keeps them stuck.

Betsy is available to lead people through her process in a ONE-ON-ONE or GROUP COACHING setting. Betsy's MY COVID-19 PANEL makes for a dynamic and fun ZOOM / GROUP EVENT. 


She invites event and membership coordinators, HR managers, trainers and educators to contact her for a personal demonstration of her MY COVID CONTROL PANEL workshop.

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