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How would YOUR LIFE CHANGE if you could


Overeating, Social Media Overload, and Beating Yourself Up?




As the pandemic exploded Betsy saw the toll it was having on people. They were stressed and engaging in behaviors that weren't doing them any favors. 


Knowing her coaching approach could help people through the challenges of living in uncertainty, she created  a tool called 'MY COVID CONTROL PANEL'.


It helps people deal with, and move forward through the disruption, isolation, stress and anxiety brought on by COVID-19. 


Betsy has shared this powerful tool, and provided expert guidance remotely - leading workshops; as an invited guest to women's lecture groups; and as a subject matter expert on podcasts and radio shows. ​


MY COVID CONTROL PANEL is unique in that it puts the control for change back into the users' hands.


The process helps individuals get to the root of their feelings and create real, tangible steps to overcoming issues like job loss, reduced income, caring for elderly parents, balancing parenting while working from home, and so much more. ​


MY COVID CONTROL PANEL provides the framework people need to:

  • Stop over-indulging in food and alcohol

  • Curb those endless hours on social media

  • Halt the self-criticism that holds them back and keeps them stuck.

Betsy is available to lead people through her process in a dynamic and fun ZOOM / GROUP EVENT or in ONE-ON-ONE and GROUP COACHING settings.


Betsy invites event and membership coordinators, HR managers, trainers and educators to contact her for a personal virtual demonstration of her MY COVID CONTROL PANEL.

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