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About Us

Betsy draws upon both her training, as well as her wide life experience as mother, wife, published author, dog rescuer and successful TV and film producer to help her clients see what is truly special about themselves.

As someone who herself struggled with being extremely self-critical, Betsy coaches people to turn off that negativity and stand in their own light so that whether in their business or personal life, they can thrive and live the life they deserve.

Individual Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Do you have goals or dreams that seem just out of reach?

Group Coaching

Group coaching is similar to 1:1 coaching; only you choose to do your work with a few others.

Coaching + Bio  

One of the most impactful ways that we can stand in our light is by controlling our own narrative

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I am proud to have been featured in the media for my work...
What are people saying about BETSY 

Betsy helped me discover what I really want to do based on what I want in my life, and now I am more driven and focused than ever. Before it was all an overwhelming blur and I was filled with fear, now I am actively pursuing my career with a newfound enthusiasm and confidence. Thank you Betsy for coaching me to success!

Michael W